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The Company's statutory objective is to develop accessible tourism. The idea of making the mountains accessible is a project as difficult as necessary to be free to experience an emotion. The start-up has the task of mapping the territory by identifying possible accessibility solutions with design ideas and synergies between public and private in the assumption that disability is not seen only as a deficit, but an opportunity for development for the community.

To facilitate tourism accessible to users, a free application has been created that can be consulted online, via smartphone or tablet, through which ski slopes, walks and paths accessible to people with difficulties are indicated: the disabled, the elderly, mothers with children and more generally to all people with walking difficulties, in addition, inside there are also shelters and hotels with evidence of the technical characteristics of accessibility. Among the initiatives, the company also aims to create a receptive structure without architectural barriers and with the use of home automation in collaboration with type B social cooperatives in the area, favoring the employment of disadvantaged people in order to spread and the development of sustainable tourism starting from the Upper Camonica Valley, where the promoters have found support from the local authorities from the beginning.


Many collaborations have already started with entities and important third sector companies present in Valle Camonica to support the project of accessibility and job placement of people with psycho-physical disabilities. Several professionals and associations have decided to make their skills available.

To achieve the set objectives, a shared project is needed where the synergy between the different specialists in the tourism, hotel, sports and technical-administrative sector are integrated by the specific knowledge of accessibility in the various forms of psycho-physical disabilities. The Framework Agreement, signed with the University of Brescia, head of the project, sees us engaged in the study "on mountain accessibility" through the Brixia Accessibility Interdepartmental Laboratory, an example of collaboration in which the Mountain Community of Valle Camonica also participates , the Sol.Co. Consortium Camunia, the non-profitL’Amministratore del Cuore onlus and Active Sport a.s.d.